blueful, in the words of its audience, is “simply beautiful,” “intriguing and wonderful,” “fantastic,” “overwhelmingly cool,” “spooky and marvelous,” “the weirdest poetry medium I’ve seen,” “crazy,” “enthralling,” “an incredible ride,” “a tour de force of loveliness,” and “a real milestone in Web 2.0 storytelling.”

Hidden among the noise of popular websites– flickr, Craigslist, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Google Calendar, OKCupid– blueful is a prelude to Blue Lacuna, telling the story of a lonely journey through worlds by an artist with a gift that is also a curse. Following secret links, players uncover the story and eventually reach a decision point at its climax. During the initial exhibition, the conclusion of the story could only be seen by entering a physical address to receive the final paragraphs on a postcard, sent via snail mail.

Featured on The Escapist, Gamers With Jobs, Infocult, Grand Text Auto,, and GamerBlips, blueful inspired nearly a thousand people on six continents to complete the journey and request a postcard.

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