Bots and Generative Texts

Various Twitter bots, generative text projects, and other short experiments. Many listed use either Tracery by Kate Compton, or RTEL (Robust Text Expansion Language), an unreleased library that drove the generative text in The Ice-Bound Concordance.

Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not: 2016 NaNoGenMo entry about a hapless gentleman named Sheldon who disregards 102 pieces of advice to not do something. (JavaScript)

The Prisoner in Block Nineteen: A short experiment in natural language parsing and dynamic character simulation. One line of AI code. (Custom/UnDum)

@SeenAtTheBazaar: Created to celebrate Fallen London‘s release on iOS, this bot tweets interesting things seen from the game’s central location, the Echo Bazaar. (Tracery)

iPundit: Generates (now outdated) procedural headlines speculating on the 2016 presidential race, inspired by a moment in the primaries when nobody seemed to have any idea who the hell was beating who, and as a result got even more overconfident in their analyses. (RTEL)

Slug Alerts: A response to the sometimes overzealous UC Santa Cruz emergency alert system, which once, at one in the morning, sent tens of thousands of people a dozen texts about a mountain lion. (Tracery)

@B0tAaron: A self-promotion bot that tweets not-quite-sensible recommendations of my projects, except when it malfunctions and insults them. (Tracery)

Aggressive Passive: An entry for the first NaNoGenMo competition for generating procedural novels. Click the link to generate a 50,000 word novel about housemates arguing over who’s doing the most cleaning. (RTEL)

T-Shirt Mashup Generator: Instant money. (Javascript)

> by @: An entry for TWIFComp, a 2010 competition to write an interactive fiction whose source code fits in a Tweet. I semi-cheated by making extensive use of the free-text author comment field… (Inform 7)

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