The Ice-Bound Concordance

Ice-Bound running on the iPad, showing the augmented reality of our 2014 IndieCade finalist game

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What if you could explore narrative possibility as easily as you could explore a map?

The Ice-bound Concordance is a digital game with cutting-edge interactive story technology that can only be completed with the help of a physical printed book. The Ice-Bound Compendium, a full-color 80-page art book, drives the game forward as pages are recognized and modified with augmented reality.

Telling a multi-layered story about a polar base sinking into the ice, a famous author’s unfinished final novel, and a doubt-riddled artificial intelligence given an impossible task, the project uses procedural generation and augmented reality to help create a truly unique experience where story and gameplay melt into one another.

A collaboration between two award-winning writers and game artists, and inspired by the fractal narratives of Borges, Danielewski, Calvino, and Nabokov, both book and game launched in January 2016.

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