Praise for The Ice-Bound Concordance

“[I]nteractive fiction’s gone some daring places in the last few years… [this] is one of the most ambitious projects I’ve seen.” —Rock Paper Shotgun (preview)

ibthumb“An unmissable narrative game… brilliant… fascinating.” —EuroGamer (full review)

“Reed and Garbe’s extraordinary work rests comfortably among the best of its genre.”—Killscreen (full review)

“…pushes the limit of what’s interactive in interactive fiction.” —PocketGamer

“When I realised quite the extent to which the story was procedural and responsive, it felt like a dizzying pit had opened up.”—Rock Paper Shotgun (full review)

“…a magisterial game… leaves a glitchy, pixelated impression on one’s mind long after one is done playing/reading, and that’s no small triumph.”—Katherine Cross, Gamasutra (full review)

Praise for 18 Cadence

18c-pagethumb“[18 Cadence is] thrillingly innovative interactive storytelling. It makes me giddy.” —Mark Sample

Lovely, just lovely.” — Rod Humble (former CEO, Linden Lab; former VP, EA Play)

“…an intriguing and even absorbing exploration of the power of objects across time.” —Kirkus (full review)


Praise for Prom Week

OswaldThinkingAboutDoug“Play this. It genuinely deserves the often-abused term ‘groundbreaking.’” – Zest For Life

“It is among the most entertaining and innovative things I’ve yet seen at E3.” – Wired (full review)

“…a notable advance in the state of the art of interactive narrative design.” – Play This Thing (full review)


Praise for blueful


Comments from readers who completed the journey:  (tag cloud of reader reactions)

“What an astonishing project. A real milestone in Web 2.0 storytelling.”

“This is the most interesting method of simply telling a story that I’ve seen online.”

“…something that will stay in my memory forever.”

“This is one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever seen on the Internet, or in print for that matter.”


Praise for Blue Lacuna

Blue Lacuna“If the creators of Zork or Witness had a copy of Blue Lacuna travel back in time and appear on their computers, they would have wept openly.” — G4 TV (full review)

“…one of those rare experiences that turn your set of assumptions about a medium on its head… something unique, as close to ‘interactive literature’ as I’ve ever seen in gaming.” — Jay Is Games (full review)

“By far, I’d have to say this is the most ambitious interactive story I’ve played this decade, perhaps tied with 2005’s Façade.” — Dietrich Squinkifer (creator of Dominique Pamplemousse)

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