Once you see the quote, click in the window to the left and press any key to begin interacting.

Warning: Do not reload or go back to the previous page once the story has started or you will lose your progress. To get around this problem and to save your game, see the instructions below for playing it on your own system.

Type UNDO to take back your last move.

Remember to GREET and TALK TO people you meet. Once the story begins, try to PRAISE or MOCK your enemy to support or undercut what he or she says.

What is this?

It's an interactive short story. Every time you see a prompt, you have the ability to interact with it by entering short phrases like LOOK, TAKE LAMP, WHO AM I?, TALK TO HIM, and single keywords you see highlighted. The story make take a few moments to load, particularly if you are on a dial-up connection or an older computer. If you just see a blank screen or an error message above, you can download the game itself and an interpreter specific to your machine to play it on. There are interpreters available for Windows or another operating system (everything from Mac and Linux to Palm OS and older computers).

Where can I learn more about this medium, or find other stories like this?

For a more detailed introduction, try A Beginner's Guide To Playing Interactive Fiction. You can find good, sorted lists of other stories to try at Emily Short's Reccommended Playing List or an index by genre at Baf's Guide to the Interactive Fiction Archive. You might also be interested in trying my other interactive story, Gourmet.

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