On September 2nd, I'll be speaking on the panel "Intellectual Engagement and Games as a Cultural Medium" (along with some other great people) at PAX West in Seattle. Come see us pontificate!

Virtual Virtual Reality is now out for Google Daydream! I wrote two characters for this fantastic and hilarious game by Tender Claws.

Archives of the Sky

A tabletop roleplaying game where players face dilemmas on an epic scope that put long-held values into conflict.

Ice-Bound, a 2014 IndieCade finalist

The Ice-Bound Concordance

Explore a polar base sinking deep into the ice. Help an AI understand what it means to tell a story.

@SeenAtTheBazaar, a Fallen London Twitter bot

Bots and Generative Texts

Various small projects with procedural text.

Hollywood Visionary, interactive fiction by Aaron A. Reed

Hollywood Visionary

Follow your dreams in 1950s Hollywood.

Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction

Spring Thing Festival

An annual celebration of interactive fiction.

18 Cadence

18 Cadence

Shape fragments of story across 100 years of history.

Almost Goodbye

Procedural generation in a short sci-fi story.

Prom Week

Social physics driven by groundbreaking AI.

maybe make some change

A confrontational exploration of a true event.


Move blocks on a screen to sculpt a story.

what if im the bad guy

Explore a true story in physical space.

Minimalist Story Generators

Experiments in tiny interactive narratives.

Creating Interactive Fiction...

An Inform 7 textbook.


A story hidden in the cloud.

Blue Lacuna

Blue Lacuna

An interactive novel over three years in the making.

It Is No Secret That

Wearable blog posts.

Whom the Telling Changed

Use story to sway the opinion of the crowd.


Virtual reality and social consequence.